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You should store your Pontoon at Secord Lake Marina because…

It’s convenient. All you do is pull up to the dock or give us a call. We will even provide a trailer if necessary.

We wash the tubes immediately because they clean better when wet. (We don’t wait until spring when everything is hard and crusted on the tubes.)

Before winterizing the motor, we put stabilizer in the gas and run it for 10 minutes to circulate through the whole motor.

We winterize your motor using a special tank that lubricates all working parts in the motor.
(Most competitors just pull the spark plugs and fog just the cylinders.)

We change the lower unit oil in the fall when the motor is warm to remove moisture that might freeze and break the seals.

We always use a quality 80/90 name brand oil.

New O-rings are installed on every gear case we do.

The boat is wrapped in an inside wrap bay by one of our staff who has over 10 years experience. (Shrink wrapping is not easy. If not done properly the shrink wrap itself can burn as well as a seat
back, or elsewhere on the boat in an instant.)

We use heavy 7 mil shrink wrap that is stronger and holds up better throughout our Michigan winters. (Most use cheaper 5 or 6 mil wrap.)

Mothballs and rat packs are put in every boat making sure rodents don’t make your boat their winter home.

Six-foot poles are used under the shrink wrap because they are more effective shedding snow. Short poles are cheaper and use less shrink wrap but let the snow pile up and break through the shrink into your boat causing damage.

We park our stored boats 4 to 5 feet apart so that we can check them throughout the winter season to make sure there is no snow accumulation. We bag all lower units to keep water out so they don’t freeze and break.

We remove the battery from your boat, labeling and charging it before we store it inside our building. Then in the spring we charge it again before we put it back in your boat.

We vacuum and lightly clean each boat before returning it to you in the spring.

If you wish, we can top off all oils and fill your gas tank ready for summer. We will call you to let you know if we see anything that needs attention or fixing before you come pick it up.

We make sure your engine runs before we park it back at the dock where you left it, or deliver to your boat ramp.

Call us before you entrust your boat to someone else. There is extra charges for some stated that is not included in storage price.